Which Side of a BioMagnet to Use? It Matters!

Our Rare Earth Biomagnets are properly focused Negative (-) and/or Positive (+) Polarity. This is a very important factor because the response of the individual magnetic poles has differing effects on the physiology of the human body.

NEGATIVE or geological North is always marked with the Negative symbol (-) and/or colored green. The Negative Pole helps the body to normalize and supports healing painful conditions and is to be used only on the Negative Polarity of the body.

POSITIVE or geological South is always marked with the Positive symbol (+) and/or colored red. The Positive Pole stimulates all forms of life, including bacteria. Techniques using positive polarity are used sparingly and only for very specific therapies.

The Negative Pole gives one effect
and the Positive Pole gives another

and It Matters!

Why is this a warning? Because the first rule of healing is Do No Harm!

A recurrent problem in this science and the biomagnetic health and research industry is that magnet manufacturers, and many people in general, do not understand the important difference in universally marking the poles correctly.

Additionally, some Biomagnet companies are actually insensitive or ignorant in the use of proper field therapies. It is important for you, the end user, to understand the basic, vital difference between the geological North (negative) and South (positive) Pole effects and to be ‘product wise’ when selecting magnetic products to be used for health therapies.

For example: Many magnet manufacturers put an ‘N’ or an ‘S’ on their magnets. But, their ‘N’ or ‘S’ marking is an engineers symbol and means North or South seeking.

What seeks the North? The South seeks the North. That means the ‘N’ on the magnet may be the South (positive) Pole, a dangerous pole to use indiscriminately!

This is important because incorrectly marked magnets can give energy that has been shown to be dangerous to your health if you're constantly using South (positive) on an area you wouldn't want stimulated such as an ankle with edema, or a tumorous area in the body, etc.

Knowledgeable biomagnetic scientists agree that biomagnetic applications be very specific in regard to using only the proper poles and that they be electromagnetically marked either Negative (-) or Positive (+).

Based on the simplest laws of physics, the wrong side of the magnet placed over sensitive tissue can cause damage. Remember, South Pole is positive. Positive is stimulating and could stimulate all forms of life including bacteria, viruses, increased swelling, increased cancer rates, etc.

The geological North Pole is negative. Negative charges create negative energy, the calming healing energy. Since so many do not know the difference between the true poles and the “seeking” poles of a magnet, BiomagScience as a scientific biomagnetic institute, has chosen to use Negative (-) and Positive (+) markings on our Biomagnets.

For your safety, all Biomagnets are triple tested with a measuring instrument known as a magnetometer. This testing device accurately reads negative (geological North) and positive (geological South). The universal markings for these poles are Green for Negative (-) and Red for Positive (+)

Be aware of what kind of Biomagnets you're getting before you buy. Insist on true geological North (negative) and South (positive). Wrong pole markings can be harmful to your health.

Consider Polarities when Using Biomagnets as a complimentary health care therapy!


The Following Is An Overview Of The Magnetic Pole
Effects On The Physiology Of The Human Body --
It Matters!


THE Negative POLE (Geological North)
Green is the universal Biomagnetic color for Negative Polarity.

  • The Negative Pole has an arresting effect on bacteria and growths, and a sedating effect on the nerve tissue; sedates or inhibits pain. Reduces congestion

  • Reduces inflammatory conditions in the joints (redness, warmth, swelling)

  • Slows down & normalizes hyperactive glands, organs and metabolic functions.

  • Attracts oxygen, charges and properly increases cellular DNA

  • Naturally vasodilates the tissue; reduces edema.

  • Speeds up the coagulation of blood. Controls the bleeding of wounds

  • Calming, relaxing, normalizes cellular energy and immune functions.

  • Dissolves build-up of fatty materials. Reduction of fatty deposits in veins and arteries

  • Decreases abnormal calcium ions

  • Shortens bridge lengths between gene transmitter and receptor cites aiding complete neural transmission for better metabolism and faster healing.

Summary Negative Pole:

  • The negative pole (-), North side of the magnet is the pole most frequently used for healing. It is very important to health. Trauma causes the cellular condition to go into a positive acid inflamed state. The negative pole reduces the inflammation, acidity and helps energize the cell properly to heal and become alkaline.
  • It decreases acidity in ailments by reducing the hydrogen ion, increasing pH and causing alkalinity to bring the tissue back to normal. Alkalinity fights colds, bacteria and increases oxygen to the cell
  • The negative pole energy is used to increase vitality and help heal most simple, painful conditions including acute and chronic illness and disease.
  • When you hurt yourself, the site goes into a positive charged state and sends an ascending signal to the brain which sends a descending signal back to naturally the flood the  stressed traumatized area with healing negative charges. The Bio-Negative field of the  biomagnet amplifies the healing charges which expedites pain relief and healing.


THE Positive POLE (Geological South)
Red is the universal Biomagnetic color for positive polarity.
  • The Positive Pole is positive energy, acidizing and normally is not used for supportive healing except when used in advanced Circuit therapies to regeneration hard and soft tissue issues including nerves.

  • Stimulates all forms of life including bacteria -- therefore it should never be used where there is an infection.

  • Stimulates all tissue, organs and glands. Can over stimulate - must be handle with care.

  • Increases inflammation: expands, enlarges, cells and tissue by increasing inter and intracellular fluids.

  • Can over vasodilate and create additional bleeding when there is a cut or abrasion.

  • Should not be used on inflammation or edema or ever on a cancer or tumor.

  • The Positive Pole should be applied carefully and used only in specific techniques defined in Peter Kulish's book Conquering Pain The Art of Healing With Biomagnetisim of the Wellness Kit Pictorial Therapy Guide.

Summary Positive Pole:
  • The Positive Pole energy is not to be used except when using the BiomagScience Circuit (Vortex Initiation Healing) Therapy, MET or in testing using magnetodiagnostics.

  • The Positive Pole energy is used carefully under the guidance of a Certified BioMagnetic Therapist for hypo-active gland and/or organs.

  • Especially important: Used in Circuit Therapy as part of Proper Polarity Therapy for; bone fractures, cartilage repair, back pain, and in the Meridian Energizing Therapy for advanced illnesses to potentate and energize nerve cells

  • See Therapy Techniques in Peter Kulish's book Conquering Pain The Art of Healing With Biomagnetisim or Circuit Therapy in the Wellness Kit Pictorial Therapy Guide.


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