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WHY BIOMAGSCIENCE ~ Biomagnets & Biomagnetic Therapies

BiomagScience & the Science of Biomagnetism

BiomagScience has over three decades of developing Scientific Breakthroughs in Advanced Biomagnetic Therapy Protocols through Clinical Applications and Research to achieve the results you expect and need.
We assimilated Physiology and its electrical measurements with the energy medicines of Reiki, Shiatsu, and Polarity to understand the correct energy values of the body - recognizing the fundamental similarities. Review the Clinical Before and After Microscopic Celluar Tests & Celluar Voltage Tests and the “Miracle-Like Results”.

To share our knowledge with others and teach the proper way to apply Biomagnetic Therapy; we offer the complete manual, “Conquering Pain, the Art of Healing with Biomagnetism”, with over 170 simple and advanced biomagnetic therapy protocols.

Anyone can learn the correct use of Biomagnetism for pain relief, acute and chronic conditions, injuries, illness, disease, and regeneration of tissue, nerves, cartilage, and bone – as well as most health conditions. We will even show you how to protect yourself, family and friends from harmful and escalating EMF.

Advanced Biomagnetic Therapy Knowledge is as simple as Correct Polarity on the Proper Meridian for “Miracle-Like Results”.

Other companies DO NOT KNOW or UNDERSTAND the science and use the Healing Polarity on the Wrong Meridian or worse, they use the improper polarity; each of which causes Electromotive Stress & Inflammation which inhibits the rapid healing or pain relief shown with the proper placement.


BiomagScience is the only company applying the correct therapies on the proper meridians



Case Studies

Send us YOUR STORY and we will post it here!

Case Studies from your neighbor next door to around the world.

Below pages act very much like an accordion. Click the Title and the page will expand, click it again and it will close. You can move on down to the next question. It really is that easy to use.

15 year illness starts to resolve

BIA - Parallel Capacitance Body Composition Report # 080505RB-MS

History: The subject is a 54 yr. old female that has suffered from MS type symptoms for fifteen years. She complained of numbness and pain of the extremities with immense fatigue. She has also suffered from chronic lower back pain, food and environmental sensitivities, and shows classic signs of mal-absorption




Actual CAP:




The subject has had a constant struggle with anger, alternating with depression. Her ailments have left her without the ability to cope with normal activity, in which she feels is creating a financial stress on her family. Although she has been slowly improving with a steadier gait and less numbness, she has frequently visited many different practitioners without much help.

Note: The probability is high that the subject has had chemical and metal exposure that is shown in hair, urine and radiothesia studies, which may act as neurotoxins and block important pathways. This usually leads to a stuck pattern (viscous cycle) where the toxicity keeps the electromotive energy of the cell down and therefore, the lack of [negative Zeta] energy to move the toxins out of the cell as well as receive nutrients in the cell that are required for the proper production of ATP (energy) and oxidoreductase (neutralization of free radicals).

The subject has a nutritious diet as well as a quality array of supplements. Her capacitance over the last two years has gone up 10 points. She is also low in intercellular hydration, which may suggest low absorption of potassium and magnesium. These two key minerals control ionic movement in and out of all cells






Normal Range






Min: 558 Max: 855 (PF)

CAP less than min by 116.0 (pico farads)





Min: 558 Max: 855 (PF)

CAP less than min by 80.0 (pico farads)


Parallel capacitance results of Subject 080505RB-MS

The subject did the Meridian Energizing Therapy (MET) for 15 minutes and her capacitance went up 36 points. She reported an immediate increase in energy.

The subject later applied the Power Wafers to her lower back and had relief from pain within 8 hrs. for the first time in three years. There has been no Herzheimer reaction (a strong toxic event from detoxifying too quickly). Her sleep time has improved due to decreased pain, resulting in increased energy.

Note: When reviewing any case that shows a trend towards MS, it is generally indicative of at least a hypo-enzyme/hypo-liver condition. It has been found in the past that if the client applies the Super BioMagnet negative (green side) to the liver, the organ shows a rapid recovery rate. The application of another Super BioMagnet, negative side over the pancreas/spleen area, may exemplify the results. The MET (Meridian Energizing Therapy) in increments of 15 minutes done 3 times daily for a duration of 10 days - then once a day for another 2 weeks coupled with The Daytime Therapy – a 2-stack of Power Wafers negative (green side) over the Sternum or lower CVS (if anxiety prone) has been reported to have shown a reduction of MS type symptoms. (Please refer to “Conquering Pain” book and newly developing protocols located on for further information).

Conclusion: Health is determined by the electromotive vitality (Zeta potential) of the cells to maintain the perfect chemical balance. Cells transfer necessary elements and spent energy (waste) through various channels by electromagnetic and electromotive action. When the electromotive energy is low, the supplemental transfer and elimination cannot function and the metabolic processes cannot function correctly.

Increasing the electrical vitality (Zeta potential) of the cell through the use of proper Bio Energy therapy helps the DNA to properly translate the functions that help to arrange all the essential elements, in order to properly organize and efficiently metabolize.

Subject 080505RB-MS

BIA Results:   Female   Name:   RB  
Height in:   61.5   Date:   Tuesday, September 6, 2005 1:15:31 PM  
Weight lb:   110   Database:   C:/Program Files/RJL Systems/Cyprus/BodyComp/Personal.db  
Age:   59   Subject ID:   080505RB  
Ideal weight:   107.5 lb   Record date:   18-Aug-05  
BMI:   20.45   Template:   FNA_style.tmpl  
Phase angle:   58   BIA tests:   2, template tables: 1  
Resistance:   669   Reactance:   68 ohms  
Equation Set:   Cyprus/FNA  


Capacitance (pico Farads) Cell health based on parallel capacitance
Above 1009 Extremely healthy
774-1008 Optimal health
617-773 Average
460-616 Below average
304-459 Low energy
Below 303 Warning alert


22 year Arthritic Knee Resolved - Magnet Therapy

22 year Arthritic Injured Knee is free of pain and completely healed with Advanced Magnetic Therapy Support

25 year illness starts resolving

Live Cell Microscopy

Before and After Energized Blood Tests

Sample Taken Prior to Energy Therapy: This is a sample of a 53 yr. old female with many years of chronic malabsorbtion, constipation, fibromyalgia and depression that may be related to slow ability to heal. This example of chronic oxidative stress has remained fixed and unchanged, regardless of all of the many healing modalities, both allopathically and holistically, that she has experienced.

I have worked with her for three years, along with five other practitioners. Although there had been improvement, it had occurred very slowly. She went from a couch to minimal activity, but had remained unable to resume normal daily activity. Although there are indicators of metal and chemical toxicity, she had been too weak to go through any kind of detoxification. Through the three years of therapy, there had been no change in her dry cell, as seen below.

The dry cell test was first developed by Dr. Bowen and later researched by Dr. Bradford from American Biologics. It is an indicator of oxidative stress/free radical activity in the tissues. This phenomenon appears throughout this sample as lightened areas or “white lakes”.


Sample 1 -Dry Cell, Untreated

Sample Taken after Energy Therapy: The next sample was taken one hour after the lower Cerebral Vestibular System (CVS) therapy. The “white lake” indicators of oxidative stress (free radicals) have disappeared. In my thirty years experience I have not seen such rapid changes in tissue damage.

The patient felt an increase in energy one half hour into the therapy and cried tears of joy when she saw these results. Within two weeks, her energy had greatly increased along with decreases in knee and lower back pain. On a scale from one to ten, prior to energy therapy, her pain with minimal exertion, was ten. With the proper energy applications to these areas, it had been reduced to a pain rating of four. I have directed her to use the Daytime, Nighttime and Meridian Energizing Therapy Protocols as standard therapy before the next series of tests.

Her confidence in her healing process is high for the first time. For her, it has been a very long journey. She has been able to resume her singing, which requires hours of standing with her band as they perform. This was impossible prior to these applications.

Sample 2 – Dry Cell, Treated



This case is consistent with my clinical findings with the use of BioMagScience biomagnets and protocols. I have worked with other practitioners in using other bio-magnetic products and protocols, with no results in our many attempts to find solutions for her.

With the use of the BioMagScience’s biomagnets, I have consistently found acute cases that appear to get immediate results, while chronic conditions show dramatic changes, typically in two weeks with the compliance of protocols.

My extensive investigation into the use of biomagnets has indicated over the years that the Foundation is the only body teaching:

  1. The correct placement of single and advanced electromotive protocols based on the correct physiological specific nerve [energy] pathways and cellular and/or tissue placement.
  1. Proper strength and type of bio-magnets for energizing shallow and deep tissue.
  1. Additional research and findings of the beneficial use of magnetized water for further biologic needs

My hypothesis is that when the healthy negative [Zeta Potential] charge of the cell is re-established, it creates the homeostatic environment that the body is always striving toward by giving the cell the electrical charge that it requires to balance the chemistry. Once there is enough energy induction [from the proper bio-magnet placement] for the 70 trillion cells to reach full potential, then proper assimilation and elimination is possible.

In my career, I have found that doing the least amount of therapy, in the right order, kicks the body into healing itself in a profound manner. These specialized bio-magnets and protocols have now become my first step in helping the body regain its energy, to reach its optimal performance.

I shall continue to submit my findings on this patient, as she continues to heal.

Carole Bergeron, July 2005

Able to finally fly in comfort

Peter – thank you for posting this.  I just wanted to add that I typically feel horrible on airplanes, disoriented, motion sick, brain fog, tightness, fatigue, particularly on take-off and landing.  I am happy to say that on our most recent trip (VA to CA and back again) I felt so much relief with the magnets.  Actually, what worked best was having them on my sternum AND having them on the CVS/back of neck.  The sternum alone position was helpful but both of them together allowed me to actually speak and move my head during landing.

I love the magnets and will always be sure to travel with them! (they even helped my youngest son, 6 yrs, who also feels uncomfortable during take-off and landing).



Acute pain, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, insomnia resolved with BioMagnet Therapy

Live Cell Microscopy

Before and After Energized Blood Tests

Sample Taken Prior to Energy Therapy: The following microscopic pictures are examples of before and after a forty minute Daytime Therapy of medium size wafers. The sample was taken from a 48-year-old male, who was in acute pain from a car accident, resulting in whiplash. His symptoms ranged from constant pain, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, insomnia and inability to lie down.

In the first sample, the red blood cells are seen in the rouleau formation (an abnormal stacking of the red blood cells) with fibrin (lines crossing) in the background, this configuration of the blood cells may be related to a great deal of inflammation in the body. He had just come from a chiropractic therapy that further exacerbated his pain level. When fibrin is formed from inflammation, one end is positively charged, the other end is negative. These will cause the red blood cells to clump together in rouleau formation. When the red blood cells are congested in this manner there is decreased surface area for exchange of oxygen and nutrients in the capillary beds and less ability for the cells to pick up waste to take back to the liver and lungs for detoxification. This will result in decreased circulation, especially to the injured site, leading to more pain and tightness, as well as free radical activity and cell death.


Sample 1 – Live, Pre-therapy

Sample 2 - After Energy Therapy: After a forty-minute Daytime Therapy using the BiomagScience medium size Super BioMagnets with the negative side down over the sternum, the rouleau formation of the unhealthy blood cells was dispersed into the healthy singular cells as shown by re-establishment of the cell’s Zeta potential (slight negative charge around the cells). This potential keeps the red blood cells flowing freely in circulation and allows for optimal exchange of nutrients through increased surface area. Increased blood flow translates into increased ability to heal damaged tissues.


Sample 2 – Live, Treated 40 minutes


Dry Cell Microscopy

Sample Taken Prior to Energy Therapy: The next sample (using the Bowen dry cell technique) shows free radical activity (oxidative stress) as seen by the whitened areas throughout the sample. This may indicate tissue damage, typical of stress to the Central Nervous System from the neck injury. The increased tissue damage, along with decreased circulation and emotional stress will result in more free radical activity as well as more pain.

Sample 1 – Dry, Pre-therapy

Sample 2 - After Energy Therapy: The next sample was taken after the 40 minute Daytime Therapy. The oxidative stress/ free radical activity had vastly decreased, so tissue damage may have decreased as well. By initiating the negative charge around the cells (Zeta potential), the free radical activity appears to have normalized. Normally it could take weeks to months to change this level of damage. This very simple therapy was able to re-establish healthy ionic (anionic) charge to create balance so the body can improve circulation systemically including the injured site. When balance is created, the body performs at maximum potential and can heal faster. This demonstration has enlightened me as to why the magnets work so fast with chronic problems and provide immediate relief with acute injuries.


Sample 2 – Dry, Treated 40 minutes



Since his February 2005 accident, the individual suffered such acute trauma. He experienced debilitating pain in the form of constant severe headaches, blurred vision, insomnia, continual nausea, limited mobility, and lost 20 pounds from vomiting . Since his first bio-magnetic therapy two weeks ago, he is now able to have a full night of sleep for the first time in 4 months, headaches and blurred vision are almost gone, has some remaining nausea, but no longer vomits, is able to fully eat, and is now able to do his physical therapy with increased mobility. He is doing a daily regimen of the Daytime Meridian Energizing, and lower Cerebral Vestibular System (CVS) Therapies (using a bio-magnet, negative side down, at the base of his neck while sleeping).

His spirits have also improved, as recovery is now in sight. Before the bio-magnetic therapies, he was looking at the possibility of surgery as his only option.

Perhaps one of the most dramatic observations of this individual (which is seen in many others) is the radical change of the blood chemistry going from a very unhealthy state into a healthy state in just 40 minutes, especially the reduction of free-radicals. Without the energy therapy, this normally occurs over an extended course of careful nutrition, physical-therapy and life style changes.

This individual’s debilitating pain from the immense trauma [from the accident] has been addressed with simple, bio-energy therapies that have given immediate relief and substance back to the individual’s life.

Helping the body regain its proper, healthy charge within a very short time through magnetism is possibly one of the most basic and powerful first steps in creating balance for optimal performance.

Carol Bergeron, June 2005



Acute pre-op carpal applied carpal therapy 4 days prior to surgery

Mid 30ies woman with acute pre-op carpal applied carpal therapy 4 days prior to surgery.

Within 1 hour of application, severe pain became bearable and mobility was substantially improved.

By the next morning , almost all pain was gone.

Canceled surgery and as recommended, continued therapy for 1 month for complete resolution of condition.


Asthma - Instant Relief with BioMagnet Therapy

One time when I was having a bad asthma attack. I placed a BioMagnet on my sternum and immediately felt relief. Unlike drugs, that took many agonizing minutes before feeling better, the BioMagnets worked instantly. I told myself that if I ever felt uneasy about pain or any disease that came my way, the answer would be BioMagnets.

Asthmatic wheezing resolved

BIA - Parallel Capacitance Body Composition Report # 080305AD

History: The subject has asthma since birth.  The night before the test, she had an exposure to mold, dust, and animal dander from the building she was sleeping in.  She awoke in the night having difficulty breathing and administered her inhaler and went back to sleep. This test was done approximately seven hours later.  She awoke wheezing and congested.





Actual CAP:




       Test     Comments:

After 15 min. Meridian Energizing Therapy - breathing improved and capacitance went up 10 points - all wheezing resolved, heaviness in chest subsided and an increase of energy was reported.






Normal Range






Min: 607 Max: 913 (PF)

CAP within normal by 112.0 (pico farads)





Min: 607 Max: 913 (PF)

CAP within normal by 102.0 (pico farads)

Conclusion to increased parallel capacitance Subject 080305AD

Conclusion: By immediately increasing [stimulating] and balancing the electromotive energy of the entire body through the nervous system, (the neural carrier system) synaptic connections were re-established so that the body’s functions could normalize. The Meridian Energizing Therapy is referenced in Peter Kulish’s book “Conquering Pain, the Art of Healing with Biomagnetism.” 

This application may impact genetic disturbances such as miasms.  More studies are being gathered from this work in Taiwan, China, the Philippines as well as ongoing research including US and Venezuela.  A study is underway with ALS and the healing impact of electromagnetic energy on the effect of neuro-toxins.

Subject 080305AD

BIA Results:






Subject  080305AD

Height in:






Tuesday, September 6, 2005 1:15:31 PM

Weight lb:






C:/Program Files/RJL Systems/Cyprus/BodyComp/Personal.db





Subject ID:



Ideal weight:


107.5 lb


Record date:










Phase angle:




BIA tests:


2, template tables: 1







68 ohms


Capacitance (pico Farads)

Cell health based on parallel capacitance

Above 1009

Extremely healthy


Optimal health




Below average


Low energy

Below 303

Warning alert


Back Pain Avoided - still able to play with kids

Hi Peter,

I have a nice magnet testimonial to share with you.

A couple of weeks ago my family and I were going out of town for a week long vacation. The day before we left, I was at work and we ended up having to move a lot of boxes out of the walk in cooler in a hurry.

We were almost done when I picked a load up wrong and pulled my lower back. I couldn't stand up straight without spasms and pain.

I always carry some magnets with me, so I popped a 2 stack of regulars (negative side down) on the injury immediately, and used oral and topical homeopathic arnica. I slept with a single regular negative magnet on the injury. When we left early the next morning it was still very bothersome. I could stand a little straighter, but continued to experience painful spasms. I hadn't looked over how to do the back circuit therapy correctly, and the magnet book was already packed in the luggage, so I just kept the negative 2 stack on the injury during the 6 hour trip.

As soon as we arrived, I unpacked the book and placed the magnets in the correct position. During the first hour of placement the pain increased slightly, then it began dissipating.

I still had to be careful with my back the next day, but the day after that it was fine.

At that point I was able to do several strenuous hikes, go horseback riding and zip lining, etc. I was even able to do a large tree top ropes challenge course with my kiddos.

In the past this kind of back pull injury took about a week to resolve. I never would have been able to do all those fun things with my kids if that had happened this time. So your magnets helped to save my vacation. Many thanks Peter!




Bad Sprain mended with BioMagnet Therapy

I had a very bad sprain to my ankle from a volleyball injury. I applied BioMagnets for three days and had no more pain or swelling.

Bio Cellular Electrical Analysis with BIA Testing

Bio Cellular Electrical Analysis with BIA Testing

Four case studies showing evidence of increased Zeta Potential (electromotive vitality of the cells) which affect the chemical balance of the cells.

What is parallel capacitance

All living things are made of cells. Cells are membrane bound compartments filled with a concentrated solution of chemicals, nutrients, elements, and salts. Groups of cells perform specialized functions and are linked by an intricate communications system.


BiomagScience Mono-polar BioMagnets

In November 1996, I attended a medical equipment exhibition held at the Taipei World Trade Center. I had the pleasure to meet and talk with Dr. Nelson Chung, the chair of the Department of Alternative Medicine at the Taiwan VA Hospital.

The following May, Dr. Chung called me and we had a long discussion on the Monopolar BioMagScience's BioMagnets. We both came to the conclusion that the bio-effect of the BioMagScience's BioMagnets on patients can be monitored using the Bio-energetic Regulatory Measuring Instrument (BERMI) developed by Dr. Chung.
In other words, the performance of the BioMagScience's BioMagnets, Tsi-Bao, can be quantified from BERMI measurements. The measuring pointer of BERMI goes up when the patients are stimulated, excited or encounter inflammatory responses—this is called the positive magnetic field effect. The measuring pointer of BERMI goes down when the patients are calmed or relaxed—this is called the negative field effect.
Preliminary results showed the positive magnetic field appears to be hazardous to human health, while the negative magnetic field is not. Since then, Dr. Chung has been an essential advocate of “Tsi-Bao.”. During his visit to the U. S. in January 1998, Dr. Chung began using “Tsi-Bao” to complement his acupuncture therapy on an old friend, Mr. Herb Ellingwood, the legal consultant of former President Bush. Use of “Tsi-Bao” improved Mr. Ellingwood’s situation greatly, and he was able to sleep and attend church again.
On his flight back to Taiwan, Dr. Chung also performed an emergency therapy.
These two case studies have been reported in the 5th issue of the Association Journal. (Tsi-Bao is Daytime Therapy over sternum.)
Coordinated by Professor Charles Yeh

Breathing is enhanced by DayTime Therapy

Breathing is enhanced by DayTime Therapy and daily dosage of Vitamin C (3 grams).

Broken Elbow heals rapidly with no pain or swelling with Biomagnet Therapy

I was riding my bike with some friends while I was supposed to be at work so naturally when my cell phone rang I tried to answer it. You guessed it; over I went and broke my elbow. I knew I was hurt but we had just gotten to the end of my street and my friends had come all the way down from Vermont to see me so I willed it better and continue to head for the bike path on the Cape Cod Canal. About an hour later when the pain really kicked in and I realized I couldn’t move my arm and every little bump in the road sent a chill up my spine; it was time to go home.

My son arrived about an hour later and rushed me off to the hospital where the x-rays showed that indeed I had broken my elbow. The doctor put me in a sling (he told me they no longer did the cast thing) and gave me my instructions and prescription for pain and sent me home with an appointment to see him in his office 2 weeks later.
The minute I arrived home I pulled out my book by Peter Kulish and carefully read about broken bones and how to properly install the magnets in the right place. I was to leave them on for 3 full days around the clock. I know this is hard to believe but I never experienced any more pain and within 2 days I had some range of motion and by the 4th day I could completely straighten my arm!!!! When I went back to my doctor’s office two weeks later he demanded to know what I had done to my elbow. He couldn’t’ believe it. I have to tell you that today, 8 months later; the broken arm is stronger than it ever was. A good friend of mine in California broke her elbow on her bike a week after me and she is still having real problems. I am hooked on these magnets. I keep a full set in a box in my garage just in case.
Mary O
Plymouth, MA.

Bruised foot: Quick pain relief

Quick pain relief for bruised foot:
I dropped a very heavy item on my right foot. There was instant swelling, bad bruising and pain on the top of the right foot. I figured that the injury called for the big guns, so I took one of the Super Biomagnets from my Wellness Kit, taped it under the foot, beneath the bruised area, negative side towards the foot.
The foot was pretty sore for a couple of hours and also uncomfortable as I had to walk on my heel because of the size of the magnet; after a couple of hours I took it off. I am 59 and from past experience, I would have expected the swelling and pain to last for at least a week and the discoloration to last for several weeks. However, by next morning, the swelling was down, the pain was gone, and the discoloration was almost invisible.
Thank you Super BioMagnet.

Carpal Tunnel - Avoided Surgery with Biomagnet Therapy

I am writing to tell you of my unique experience with your Bio-magnets. I was given a set in 2002 by a friend. I had been diagnosed with carpal tunnel in my right hand. I was unable to do simple things or tasks for a very long period of time. I went to my doctor, and was told that I had to have surgery. I was unwilling as my sister had the surgery on both of her hands, to no avail.
I followed your instructions in your book for six months. After this period of time the pain and numbness was gone. I now could play 18 holes of golf, instead of only 6-9 prior. I went to see my doctor and the first thing I did was to shake his hand. The grip was very tight; he rotated my wrist to see the scars of surgery, and then said "what did you do?" I told him of the magnet therapy and gave him a set and a copy of your book. What a believer you have made in me!
A. D., Ohio

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relieved with BioMagnet Therapy

I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right hand. The pain was excruciating. Nothing helped. Pain had traveled up my arm. It was debilitating. I could no longer perform simple tasks such as lifting a book, writing or combing my hair. I consulted a neurosurgeon for help. He said I had nerve damage and suggested surgery, as the only cure. Surgery didn't appeal to me and I felt there had to be something else that could help me.

Then I heard about BiomagScience. I wore the BioMagnets and within six days the pain that I had suffered with for four years was 80% better. Within 2 more weeks I was playing tennis. I know that sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. I feel like a miracle happened for me. Thank you BiomagScience for helping my body heal in a natural way.

Chiropractor adds BioMagnetic Therapy

After being trained in spinal manipulative techniques, Mr. Lin, a former middle school teacher, quit his job and started a spinal correction practice at Da-Liao, Kaohsiung with his wife. Besides using a style of acupressure massage called Tui na therapy, their facility also equipped with a Bipolar magnetic bed to allow for patient’s recovery after operation. Their skillful techniques have led to a very successful business with many new patients.

Unfortunately, a successful business often means more work and stress, and eventually both husband and wife developed sleeping disorders. Mr. Lin used to practice Qigong and was able to get rid of filthy Qi accumulated in the body during the day, but Mrs. Lin was unable to relieve her stress.
After learning the potential relief “Tsi-Bao” could provide, they both began wearing “Tsi-Bao” and followed the procedures recommended both during the day and before sleeping at night. They have both benefited from “Tsi-Bao” and now get a good night’s sleep.
Furthermore, they have gotten rid of the magnetic bed for patients and instead recommend their patients to wear “Tsi-Bao” at home to expedite recovery after the therapy. (Tsi-Bao is Daytime Therapy over sternum.)
Coordinated by Professor Charles Yeh

Chronic Back Pain resolved with BioMagnet Therapy

I have an old nursing injury from lifting patients for years. I was told I would have degeneration to the site and there was nothing I could do. I started a swimming program to strengthen the surrounding muscles but if I sat incorrectly, I would be in pain for months until the inflammation reduced. Now I apply the Super BioMagnets to the area for one day and the pain is gone. Now even when I sit improperly, there is no pain.

Chronic Sciatica Pain Resolved - Magnet Therapy

Years of extreme Sciatica Pain resolved with Advanced Back Pain Circuit from - now living pain free


Circulation and Detoxification Improved

Live Cell Microscopy

Before and After Energized Blood Tests

Sample Taken Prior to Energy Therapy: The sample below was taken from a 26 year old male professional with a history of physical inactivity, poor nutrition, lack of water consumption, difficulty sleeping and general malaise. He had fasted all night before the test.

This is a typical picture of poor life style choices. The red blood cells are stacking due to dehydration, inflammation, and or loss of the Zeta potential. The Zeta potential is the slight negative charge around a healthy red blood cell. This enables better perfusion and exchange of nutrients at the capillary beds.

Capillaries can be one-third the size of a red blood cell. When the cell comes in contact with the capillary wall, there is an exchange of gases (O2 goes into the tissues and CO2 comes out of the tissues). When the cells are over lapping there is less exposed cellular surface area and less cellular gas exchange, therefore there is less ability for the body to rid itself of toxins. This can lead to many variations of maladies.

Also observed are a large amount of fats (small floating specks) which could be the effect of a fast food diet. Normally fats are cleared from the blood within four hours of ingestion. Hydrogenated fats however, which have been observed to take days and have actually been observed getting into the body’s communication systems, may take in this case awhile to clear from the blood.

Sample 1 – Live, Pre-treated


Sample 2 - After Energy Therapy: This sample [2] was taken after applying the sternum therapy for 30 minutes. There is some improvement observed in the form of relief of congestion in the plasma, however the stacking (Rouleau) remains as well as the fats (specks).

The smallest size fats are HDL’s, medium sizes are LDL’s, and the very large fats may be cylomicrons or hydrogenated fats from a fast food diet. Fats enter the body in the Micro Villa (finger like projections in the small intestine that emulsify the ingested fats) into the Lacteal Duct (the Lymphatic system). This is very significant due to the fact that the Lymphatics house our immune system and powerful antioxidants that the liver creates. The fats are then dumped into the Subclavian Vein and into the blood stream. One can only imagine the congestion this can cause with a constant diet high in harmful fats including hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.

An important issue is that the Lymphatic System does not have a pump like the Arterial System. Some of the ways it is able to circulate include exercise through the pumping action of the muscles and deep breathing which changes the thoracic pressure to create movement both in the Lymphatics as well as the Venous System. This information is significant in this case due to the fact that this individual doesn’t exercise and consumes a large diet of fat.


Sample 2 – Live, Treated 30 minutes


Sample 3 - After Energy Therapy: This sample was taken two hours later (total 2.5 hours after original sample). The Zeta Potential was reinstated, which significantly improved circulation. This sample shows the White Blood Cells (WBC’s) with increased motility, the liver and gallbladder having cleared the fats and verifies that the negative energy from the bio-magnets has given the body its ability to perform properly.


Sample 3 – Live, Treated 2.5 hours

Dry Cell Microscopy

Sample Taken Prior to Energy Therapy: The dry cell (a.k.a. Bowen Test, from Dr. Bowen, out of Mass. General Hospital) shows evidence of oxidative stress/free radical activity that is observed in this sample as a white area. This is a good indicator of free radical activity in all the tissues.

Sample 1 – Dry, Un-treated

Sample 2 - After Energy Therapy: This very simple therapy (Daytime therapy - negative over the sternum/heart) has re-established the healthy negative charge around the red blood cells. It is obvious that this very simple therapy has greatly impacted circulation and is the first step to re-establish a healthy terrain, along with dietary changes.

The dry cell has filled in, showing no free radical activity in the matter of a few hours. In my many years of clinical experience, I have not seen this kind of dramatic change. The young man has had an immediate increase in energy and is going to work on his diet and hydration.


Sample 2 – Dry, Treated 2.5 hours


The pattern of the increased Zeta potential manipulating the blood cells into homeostasis, alleviating the dangerous fats by energizing the liver and gallbladder function, and neutralizing the oxidative stress remains consistent and constant in all cases [reviewed so far] with the use of properly designed bio-magnets, applied in specific systemic therapy applications.

Carole Bergeron, July 2005

COPD: DayTime Therapy with Medium Vitamin C

DayTime Therapy with Medium Vitamin C Medium dosage (3-6 grams a day depending on size of individual)

Crushed knees/splintered legs – Walked in 3 months instead of 12, Pain-Free with Biomagnet Therapy

Oct 25, 2003 crushing both knees and splintered my two legs requiring screws, bone metal rods in both lower legs. I was told if the injury had been any worse I would have lost both legs. Sent to a large hospital over 100 miles from home.

Operated on 10/28/03 and was told I would be laid up till August of 2004.
I placed 8 Super BioMagnets on the Proper placement of the right leg and 8 on the left leg along with some Regular BioMagnets and 2-stack Power Wafers on ankles, knees and in other places along the legs. Everyday I was asked my pain level from 0 to 10. My answer was always 0 because of the magnets. This was very unusual as all patients required pain drugs.
I went to a nursing home on November 4th to January 21st. During this time, my legs and braces went from a 30 degree bend, then 60, and finally 90 degrees indicating my legs were healing very rapidly.  On the 21st of January the surgeon said the x-rays showed the legs and knees completely healed and to go home and practice walking.
On January 30th I walked into the nursing home as I promised I would when I left. This made many at the hospital and nursing home amazed at my rapid recovery especially at my age 73.
Today I'm walking without aid! 
Amazing recovery!

Detoxification and Free Radical Reduction with BioMagnet Therapy

Live Cell Microscopy

Before and After Energized Blood Tests

Samples Taken Prior to Energy Therapy: This is a blood Sample 1 - taken from a finger stick of a 27 year old male July 5th, 1:36 pm with no major complaints other than some strange metallic tastes and smells. Also fatigue and irritability were noted. The red blood cells are well separated and there is ample hydration. There is also some evidence of macrocytes (larger than normal red blood cells) which can sometimes indicate low B12. This person also complains of Candida.

Sample 1 – Live, Pre-therapy

Sample 2: This next example is a close up of a red blood cell that has been invaded with protozoa from cats called toxoplasmaghandi. It is usually transferred through the cat’s feces.

Sample 2 – Live (enlarged view), Pre-therapy


Four Hours after therapy: This next sample (3) was taken at 5:15 pm, after a medium size BiomagScience Biowafer was placed Negative over the liver area. This shows the individual cleansing, causing toxin (proteins) dumping out of the tissues into the blood. The person felt no discomfort other than increased fatigue which led to a half hour nap. When toxic proteins dump into the blood they can cause clumping of the red blood cells as well as fibrin (thin lines) which can indicate toxicity from the liver exiting. This is typical of what is seen with cleansing.

Sample 3 – Live, Treated 4 Hours

10 Hours after Energy Therapy: In this sample (4) the blood has completely cleared all the waste from the blood. This was taken at 11:44pm. The Zeta potential has been reinstated around the red blood cells (this is a slightly negative charge that keeps the red blood cell separate from each other which insures increased surface area for better perfusion of blood through the capillaries.

Sample 4 – Live, 10 Hours after therapy

Dry Cell Microscopy

Beginning test: This is a drop of blood that has been dried, taken at the same time as Sample 1 of the live blood (a.k.a. Bowen Test) and is a useful test to detect oxidative stress or free radical damage indicated by the whitened areas. Note the darkened areas as well as the white streaks. According to the extensive research at American Biologic, the darkened area may indicate heavy metals.

Sample 1 – Dry, Pre-therapy

Four Hours after Energy Therapy: As the live blood carries the toxicity out of the body it becomes congested, but as seen here, the dry cell improved dramatically showing only faint indicators of white streaks (this may be related to mineral deficiency secondary to acidity) which were more pronounced in the sample taken before the liver application. This may indicate decreased acidity as well as decreased oxidative stress in the tissues

Sample 2 – Dry, 4 Hours after therapy

10 Hours After Energy Therapy: The dry blood has completely cleared of oxidative stress. The individual had very slight detox symptoms that were relieved with rest and stated an increase in energy. These findings show a very powerful liver cleansing that occurred over 10 hours. This would usually take days to a week with herbal liver cleansing preparations that could include an uncomfortable detox reaction. Please note that it is unusual to see oxidative stress clear so quickly. This usually takes weeks to impact the tissues. Also the darkened area is gone which may indicate that the body has also cleared metals.

Sample 3 – Dry, 10 Hours after therapy


In our testing, we are starting to recognize the immediate changes to the blood chemistry when the liver is energized by the Negative Electromotive Field of a Powerful Biomagnetic Therapy. The therapy produces a field which apparently helps to induce a high cellular Zeta potential in the present model.

From the samples, it seems apparent that the liver, which is the basic filtering and therapy organ for the blood, when treated, increases the blood’s Zeta potential which, when fully inducted by the cells, immediately induces separation of the cells from the rouleau for efficient delivery and immediate detoxification – a very important aspect of homeostasis.

The increased Negative electromotive energy also appears to quickly neutralize and/or help remove the oxidative (positive electromotive) stress within a very short period of time (10 hours in this model) that would require a week of normal [liver flush] therapy.

Report and testing by:

Carole Bergeron, RN

July, 2005





Diabetes Improves with BioMagnet Therapy

I have used the BioMagnets for years and know that they have kept me alive during my heart condition. A few years ago, with a 90% blockage, I used the Super BioMagnet and the MSO oxygen drops to keep my heart alive and my system oxygenated while I tried to get the money for an operation. The Doctor was completely surprised that I didn’t have a major attack during the 3 months it took before I could get the money. He said whatever I was doing, keep it up as no Neuropathy was occurring which he did not understand.

December 20, 2005 - After breakfast I have to take my diabetic medications and to test again, I did not take any medications as mentioned and my blood sugar level shows 6.1 which is excellent and to me this is astonishing as after food sugar levels must go up without medications but with the help of the Circulation Enzymes tablets, it has done wonders.
December 29, 2005 - The latest news on The Circulation Enzymes pills, yesterday morning I took another bold step. I had a good breakfast and did not take my 3 different diabetic pills and also BP tablets. Come afternoon lunch time, I had my usual lunch. Then at tea time I took my toast of bread and 2 marie sweet biscuits.
At 5.30pm I did my glucose test and the shocking and surprising result was that it was at 6.5. I have my doubt that any doctor would believe me unless I was tested at the hospital. I have done this before, but not after 3 meals. My sugar levels should have gone up to 15 minimum, but they stayed at very, very normal levels. WOW WOW WOW. The blockages in my heart cleared by 100%. Blockages on my artery on my throat has been reduced to 45 to 50% from high of 75% and this is within bearable level and as such no angioplasty is needed or surgeries.I am now a young man of 37 and not 73!
S. M. Malaysia


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BIA Cellular Voltage Testing - Case Research Studies

BIA Cellular Voltage TestingAn FDA approved device to measure cellular voltage to determine the health of an individual through an analysis of the energy of their cells. An important measuring device to instantly gauge and determine whether the Biomagnetic therapy is providing the proper energy to increase the electromotive health of the cells and the individual.

Live Cell Microscopy - Case Research Studies

Live Cell MicroscopyLive blood cell analysis is viewed in a more 3 dimensional view of the sides and top and bottom of the cells than just from the top. It provides a more complete view of the blood cells and surrounding fluid chemistry.


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Videos - Case Studies

Biomagnetic Therapy videosThese Biomagnetic Therapy Case Research Study videos are of individuals explaining their condition, magnetic therapy and their results. Includes nerve regeneration and resolution of acute and chronically painful conditions.

Case Studies, Research & Clinical Studies

FMS Biomagnetic Therapy Case StudiesClinical research by the Foundation for Magnetic Science (FMS). Review before and after of cellular microscopy and voltage and  neutralization and rapid healing of free-radical sites.