BiomagScience Products

Biomagnetic Therapy Products

Wellness Kit - Complete Biomagnetic Therapy Kit

Complete Wellness & Biomagnet Kit for Vitality, Pain Relief & 170 Advanced Simple Therapies for, Acute & Chronically Painful Heath Conditions & Disease

$169.95 Learn More
Pain Relief and Vitality Biomagnetic Therapy Kit

Pain Relief and Vitality Therapy Kit for Pain Relief and Increasing and Maintaining Vitality

$24.95 Learn More
Conquering Pain Book - over 170 A-Z Health Conditions

Conquering Pain Book – Complete A to Z Biomagnet Therapy Guide for over 170 Health Conditions Explaining the Science of BiomagScience

$15.00 Learn More
Back Therapy - Biomagnetic Back & Sciatica Therapy

Back Therapy - Biomagnetic Back Therapy Kit for Back Pain Relief & Resolving Short & Chronically Long Term Back Pain, Sciatica, Herniated Disc

$44.95 Learn More
Carpal Tunnel Therapy - Biomagnetic Carpal Therapy

Carpal Tunnel Therapy - Advanced Biomagnetic Carpal Tunnel Therapy Kit for Resolving Acute Carpal and Wrist related injuries and pain

$34.95 Learn More
Elbow Therapy - Biomagnetic Elbow Pain Therapy

Elbow Pain Relief Therapy - Advanced Biomagnetic Elbow Therapy Kit for Pain Relief, Tendonitis, Joint, Cartilage, Nerve & Tissue Regeneration

$34.95 Learn More
EMF & Frequent Flyer Fatigue Protection Kit

The EMF & Frequent Flyer Fatigue BioMagnet Protection Kit offers protection from EMF & Frequent Flyer Fatigue and helps to revitalize & nourish your body at the cellular level.

$49.95 Learn More
Hip Therapy - Biomagnetic Hip Pain Therapy

Hip Therapy - Advanced Biomagnetic Hip Therapy Kit for Hip Pain Relief, Hip Joint, Hip Cartilage and Tissue Regeneration

$39.95 Learn More
Knee Therapy - Biomagnetic Knee Pain Therapy

Knee Therapy - Advanced Biomagnetic Knee Therapy Kit for Pain Relief, Joint, Cartilage and Tissue Regeneration

$59.95 Learn More
Neck & Whiplash Therapy - Biomagnetic Neck & Whiplash Therapy

Whiplash Therapy - Advanced Biomagnetic Whiplash Therapy for Pain Relief, Whiplash, Bulging Cervical Discs, Scoliosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis

$27.95 Learn More
Organ Group Therapy - Biomagnetic Organ Therapy

Organ Group Therapy - Advanced Biomagnetic Organ Therapy Kit for Increasing Vitality in Helping Overcome Chronic Health Conditions or Disease

$69.95 Learn More
Shoulder Therapy - Biomagnet Shoulder Pain Therapy

Shoulder Therapy - Advanced Biomagnetic Shoulder Therapy Kit for Pain Relief, Rotator Cuff, Cartilage and Tissue Regeneration

$29.95 Learn More


BiomagScience Activated Oxygen (2 oz)

Activated Oxygen increases blood oxygen percentage for raising energy & increasing healing and first aid for burns, Stings, bites, poison ivy

$19.95 Learn More
BiomagScience Activated Oxygen (8 Oz)

Activated Oxygen increases blood oxygen percentage for raising energy & increasing healing and first aid for burns, Stings, bites, poison ivy

$69.95 Learn More
Circulation Enzymes

Circulation Enzymes – Oral Chelation for removal of vascular plaque for increasing circulation & reducing blood pressure for increased health & vitality and removal of cellular plaque to resolve cellular communication to help overcome disease such as Type 2 Diabetes.

$54.95 Learn More
Ultimate Supplement - Premium Growth Hormone Support

Premium rejuvenating oral spray mimics hGH production in assisting anti-aging, weight loss, smooth skin, increased energy & vitality, better sleeping and cell regeneration. Clinical studies show bio-identical amino acid complex is 9 times faster than precursors.

$54.95 Learn More

Bio-Energized Structured Water Products

Bio-Energized Structured Water - Cold Water Line Energizer

Research shows energized water provides increased cellular nutrition & detoxification resulting in greater increased immune functions for better healing.

$34.95 Learn More
Bio-Energized Structured Water Jar Energizers $24.95 Learn More

Biomagnetic Replacement Products

Power Wafer BioMagnets (2 pairs) Certified

Features for Certified BioMagnet Power Wafers:

  • For general aches and pains and to supplement daily vitality.
  • About the size of a dime
  • most often used one on each side of a bandaide (2-stack) Green side toward skin
  • Narrow Field
  • Good Penetration
  • +2000 surface gauss
  • 12,800 internal gauss (br. coersive)
$24.95 Learn More
Regular BioMagnets (pair) Certified

Features Regular Biomagnets:

  • Used for acute pain and our Advanced Circuit Therapy.
  • Wide Field
  • Good Penetration
  • +2,750 surface gauss
  • 12,800 internal gauss (br. coersive)
Certified by: Foundation for Magnetic Science
$24.00 Learn More
Super Biomagnets (pair) Certified

Features for Super BioMagnets

Our most Powerful Biomagnet for glands/organs and Meridian Energizing Therapy for advanced illness

  • Wide Field, Deep Penetration
  • +3,500 surface gauss
  • 12,800 internal gauss (br. coersive)
Certified by: Foundation for Magnetic Science
$40.00 Learn More

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BiomagScience complimentary medicine has been used so successfully that many have asked through the years if they could help others without having to invest as a dealer or distributor.
With that in mind, we have established a well paying, BiomagScience Affiliate program, so you can get paid to help your friends or even start a lucrative business in complimentary medicine if you chose.
Whether you want to share with your friends how tasty and good Bio-Negative energized water is or how that migraine went away or that chronic sciatica problem was resolved or maybe you want to make a living helping others learn about BiomagScience miracle case studies the Wellness Kit helped resolve, you can get paid well to do it.
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BIA Cellular Voltage Testing - Case Research Studies

BIA Cellular Voltage TestingAn FDA approved device to measure cellular voltage to determine the health of an individual through an analysis of the energy of their cells. An important measuring device to instantly gauge and determine whether the Biomagnetic therapy is providing the proper energy to increase the electromotive health of the cells and the individual.

Live Cell Microscopy - Case Research Studies

Live Cell MicroscopyLive blood cell analysis is viewed in a more 3 dimensional view of the sides and top and bottom of the cells than just from the top. It provides a more complete view of the blood cells and surrounding fluid chemistry.


Customer Letters - Case Studies

biomagnet familyWe enjoy hearing from happy customers, just like yourself, sharing some truly amazing Biomagnetic stories & experiences.

Stories are never typical.



Case Studies, Research & Clinical Studies

FMS Biomagnetic Therapy Case StudiesClinical research by the Foundation for Magnetic Science (FMS). Review before and after of cellular microscopy and voltage and  neutralization and rapid healing of free-radical sites. 


Videos - Case Studies

Biomagnetic Therapy videosThese Biomagnetic Therapy Case Research Study videos are of individuals explaining their condition, magnetic therapy and their results. Includes nerve regeneration and resolution of acute and chronically painful conditions.