Wellness Kit - Complete Biomagnetic Therapy Kit

Wellness Kit
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Included in biomagScience Wellness Kit:

  • 6 Power Wafers for Pain Relief, Daytime, Nightime and Circuit Therapy
  • 4 Regular BioMagnets for Meridian Energizing, Primary Circuit Therapy
  • 2 Super BioMagnets for Deep Tissue Therapy & Serious Illness
  • Reusable Self-Grip,  Ace-Type Bandage for Placement Applications 
  • 2 Water Jar Energizers for Bio-Energized Structured Water for Home and Travel 
  • Bottle of BAO - BiomagScience® Activated Oxygen
  • Award-winning therapy book Conquering Pain The Art of Healing With BioMagnetism 
  • Pictorial Guide showing the Advanced Circuit Therapies for Vitality, Acute & Chronic Conditions

About BiomagScience Wellness Kit

The Wellness Kit is the 21st Century First Aid and Wellness Kit for the individual and family. Recognized and used by people, practitioners, clinics and medical schools worldwide, the Wellness Kit is the first complete toolbox of energy therapy to help increase vitality while providing advanced therapies for most health conditions.

The Kit contains everything needed for First Aid such as burns, bug bites, sprains, stomach aches, headaches and general pain relief. The Kit also provides specific protocols and therapies for over 180 A-Z conditions from simple minor daily aches and pains to acute and chronic illness, disease such as fibro, CFS, MS, Candida, bone unions, regenerating hard and soft tissue, etc.

The Wellness Kit has been used to regenerate severed nerves, awaken people from comas, helping a man with crushed knees and splintered legs walk normally in three months instead of a year; the list goes on…

The Wellness Kit provides the three sized BioMagnets required for all the therapies and the award winning Conquer Pain therapy book and pictorial guide that includes the diagrams and step by step explanations of how to apply the advanced protocols.

The Kit also includes Bio-Energized Strctured Water jar energizers to provide properly energized Bio-Energized Structured Water to hydrate the cells and the system to increase your body’s Zeta potential, the energy responsible for good health. In addition, since oxygen is sometimes very important in health, the Kit contains an excellent activated liquid oxygen that supports energy and metabolic functions and for topical First Aid use for stings, burns, and abrasions.

Complete Wellness & Biomagnet Kit for Vitality, Pain Relief & 180 Advanced Simple Therapies for, Acute & Chronically Painful Heath Conditions & Disease.

The Wellness Kit was developed as the Most Comprehensive Advanced Energy Kit for:

  • Minor/ Major Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Sciatica and Acute Back Pain
  • Pain from Arthritis
  • Migraine, Headache & Toothache Pain
  • Pain from Stings, Burns, Abrasions
  • Pain from Sprains, Swelling, & Inflammation
  • Poison Ivy/Oak Inflammation & itch
  • Acid Indigestion
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Whiplash & Acute/Chronic Neck Dislocations

The Wellness Kit Advanced Circuit Therapy Protocols Help:

  • Elevate Hypo Organ & Gland Functions
  • Elevate Immune & Metabolic Functions 
  • Reset, Energize and Balance the Body’s Biochemistry
  • Energize & Balance the Nervous System for Healing
  • Increase Vitality, Energy, Wellness & Longevity

People Reports & Test Results

  • Immediate Energy Increase
  • Increased Cellular Hydration
  • Neutralization & Rapid Healing of  Free Radical Sites
  • Increase Cellular Nutrition
  • Increase Cellular Detoxification
  • Improves Circulation & Cellular Vitality

Regeneration of:

  • Joints
  • Tendons
  • Meniscus 
  • Nerves
  • Tissue
  • Cartilage 
  • Connective Tissue
  • Bones & Vertebrae


Description of Wellness Kit Contents:

Certified Power Wafer BioMagnets
Lightweight, powerful, and easy to apply, the Power Wafer BioMagnets are used daily to increase and maintain vitality with the Daytime and optional Nightime therapies.

The PWs provide local pain relief and are calibrated for topical and light to medium wide-range tissue penetration.

The PWs are  generally applied as a 2-Stack by placing them on both sides of a band-aid or holding each other in place - one inside and one outside the clothing or underwear over the location.
The PWs are also used as a 2-Stack with “Regular” BioMagnets to provide advanced Circuit Therapies such as the Organ Group Energizing Therapy for acute and chronic conditions.
Power Wafers are also available in the Pain Relief / Vitality Kit or by volume.
The Power Wafer is the diameter of a dime & 1/8th inch thick. A single PW has 2020g (surface gauss), a 2-Stack has 2600gmade with 12,800g br. coersive gauss material. 

Certified Regular BioMagnets

Lightweight, very powerful and easy to apply, the Regular BioMagnet is used for acute pain relief and is calibrated for medium to deep wide-range tissue penetration. The Regular is excellent for all areas of pain on the body or as a 2-stack for deeper, wider penetrating gland and organ therapy.
The Regular is also used in most Advanced Circuit therapies as a 2-Stack with a Power Wafer on both sides of the clothing or a bandage. Also sold separately in pairs or volume.
The Regular is the diameter of a nickel & 1/4th inch thick.  A single Regular has 2300g, a 2-Stack 2780g and is made with 12,800g br. coersive gauss material.

Certified Super BioMagnets

The Super BioMagnet is extremely powerful and is calibrated for very deep, very wide-range penetration for organ or large bone re-union, large joint circuit therapy and when major healing support power is required.
Also sold separately in pairs or volume.
Although only the diameter of a quarter & 5/8ths inch thick with 3150g (12,800 br. coersive), the Super BioMagnet will deflect a compass at 22 inches away. 

Certified Bio-Energized Structured Water Jar Energizer Magnets

Research and reports indicate that energized water helps to support the body to: 
  • Increased Cell Hydration
  • Increased Nutritional Transfer
  • Prevent Toxin / Chemical Build-up
  • Increase Immune Functions 
  • Decrease Sodium Levels 
  • Prevent Premature Aging 
  • Reduce Free Radicals 
  • Reduce Acidosis 
  • Improve Kidney and Memory Functions
  • Slow down Alzheimer’s
A chapter in the  book Conquering Pain The Art of Healing With Biomagnetism is devoted to explaining the benefits of magnetized water such as increasing your organ and glandular hydrogen values for increased health. 
Simply attach to the outside of a water container and within minutes you will have delicious Bio-Negative energized water. A practical, inexpensive method of creating healthy Bio-Negatively charged water. Available in Wellness Kit or sold separately in pairs. Additional Bio-Negative cold-line energizer can be applied under the sink.

BiomagScience® Activated Oxygen 

Bottle: 2 fluid ounces provide a one month daily supply of Activated Oxygen.
One of the safest, most available forms of oxygen in liquid form for use in drinking water; oxygen is the most essential ingredient of the body and is utilized in therapies to increase energy for vitality, illness or health maintenance.
Activated Oxygen has shown to be highly supportive in overcoming colds and viruses or for a quick jolt of energy. Activated Oxygen is used in many of BiomagScience’s health protocols.
Available in Wellness Kit or may be ordered separately and in larger bottles.

Conquering Pain, The Art of Healing with BioMagnetism

The new 2nd edition of Conquering Pain: The Art of Healing with Biomagnetism is the complete internationally recognized, award winning scientific Magnet Therapy Book for Pain Relief and Healing.

With easy-to-apply step-by-step applications over 180 A-Z health conditions, the 3nd edition provides new research and illustrations of advanced therapies such as the Brain Re-Entrainment, Meridian Energizing, Organ Group Energizing therapies to help infant blindness, paraplegia, EMF sensitivity, CFS, malabsorption, MD, Fibromyalgia, lupus, MS, genetic issues, natural blood thinning for heart/stroke prevention and much more.

Conquering Pain provides illustrations of the body's polarities, how to apply specialized circuit therapies for nerve, tissue and bone regeneration and the what, how, and why BioMagnetism is one of the most important energy medicines of our contemporary time.

What Users Report

“After Meridian Energizing Therapy my son's severe asthma went away.” A.S.
Stung 3 times on ankle and lower leg from Yellow Jacket nest, immediately slipped a Regular into sock and within 5 minutes, pain was gone. Later realized was actually stung 8 times. Site felt a bit tingly, but no pain or swelling like experienced before. 
“My nine-year-old son was an epileptic with grand mal seizures. Since using BiomagScience BioMagnets he has never had another seizure.” E.L.M.T.
“TMJ was so severe.. the pain was radiating throughout the right side of my face... difficult to eat, chew, talk or sing.. taking pain killers... The [Power Wafer] magnets relieved the pain.. the TMJ went away completely.. Amazing.. I’m so happy.”(see video)
“I had Coronary Thrombosis but couldn't afford the operation. After using the BiomagScience BioMagnets for six months my heart was healed. I had two astonished practitioners confirm this. Now I walk long distances without a cane. Amazingly, the BioMagnets also got rid of my arthritis." A.A. 
“Suffered a torn meniscus in my right knee.. doctor prescribed narcotics for the pain and surgery. Got my magnets and instructions on Thursday.. put magnetic circuit on right away.. went about my walking the dogs. Well I just can’t believe it, today Friday the pain is gone!!! You have given me hope again that I might not lose my livelihood nor need the surgery and I have stopped the pain killers. Thank you, thank you for your wonderful product and for your help.”S.L
“An efriend wrote she was having a very hard time breathing because she thought her cold turned to pneumonia…coughing and really miserable.. told her about putting magnets on…relief from the magnets was almost instant.  One medium on each side of my chest and big one in the middle.  I can breathe now.’
Crushed both knees and splintered both legs to the ankles. Doc said physiotherapy would start in 10 months and probably waking in 12. Put magnets down front and back on proper meridians, walked normally in 3 months with non pain killers. 
Severed nerve in knee from surgery. Doc said no feeling from knee down the rest of my life. Use circuit therapy and nerve re-grew. (see video)

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